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Special course:

Leadership and stamina under extreme conditions in intercultural surroundings

1st part: Basics

Lecturers: Thomas Baumer, Dominik Neidhart.

2nd part: Practical experience / assessment

Direction: Thomas Baumer, Dominik Neidhart and a psychologist with special formation and experience in working and organisational psychology as well as in assessment and coaching.

Rising expectations, more and more difficult requirements and general conditions as well as few tolerance for mistakes or failure need not only the right selection of leaders and team-members, but also a strategy which is clear and easy to understand. The right decisions have to be taken quickly also under aggravated circumstances, as well in professional as in personal life.

What is necessary to transform a vision into reality, to turn the impossible into possible? How are highly qualified people recognized, selected and assessed? What are the success factors leading to excelling victory and how can we handle the dangers of monotony during time-consuming preparation work? How is it possible to weld together a powerful team with extremely different people from different cultures?

hese questions and their direct relation to professional and personal challenges are discussed and ced in both parts of this special course.

The second part allows the reinforcement and to transform the background as well as the motivation acquired in the first part into an individual practical experience. This part is designed in close cooperation with the client and includes, on request, an excursion with a sailing boat on an inland water or on the high seas. If desired, qualification criteria may be defined and included in an assessment- or development-center, leading to an expertise about existing personal abilities as well as the timeframe and conditions under which the potential to further abilities and strenghts may be developed. This knowledge may be used later for a development program or an individual coaching. This course can be held either as only the first (basic) part, or combined with the second part. For more information, please read the german description or contact the lecturers (Thomas Baumer and Dominik Neidhart).