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Development (August 2019)

«No news are good news»: almost two years have passed since the last newsletter, and activities in all four business areas continue to be expanded and consolidated.

The consultations in our offices in Fribourg and Zurich (partly Bern and Lausanne) have increased significantly, especially in the case of PsYkids and proTalent. Dr. Julie Baumer (Head of PsYkids and Co-Director proTalent) is responsible since December 2017 as well as school psychologist at the Lycée Français in Zurich. In the radio program «RTS Le Talk» of the Swiss radio, she is interviewed as an expert in a half-hour interview («Papa, Maman, le psy et moi!»).

Emphasis and very often in demand are analysis of the current personal and professional situation with focus on abilities, strenghts and weaknesses as well as development opportunities (personal assessments) and coaching, especially in the areas of intellectual giftedness as well as music. Concerning giftedness, we regularly attend congresses and exchange ideas internationally with professionals from the field of practice, teaching and research, and concerning music we are Founding member of an association and a fund to support outstanding music talents. In our discussions, it is striking that there exist often uncertainness, undifferentiated to false information, stereotypes and prejudices about these topics. Even experts sometimes give information unilaterally or incorrectly. Our aim is therefore to contribute to a realistic, balanced perception and opinion formation in order to see people with their individual – sometimes similar, but sometimes very different – strengths, weaknesses and potentials, and to suit them in their professional and private environment in order to respond to their questions, needs and possibilities.

At CICB, we continue to conduct presentations, courses, cultural audit and cultural change at companies, individual coaching and preparation for foreign assignments focusing on intercultural competence in German, French, English and Spanish, and at CACB with Assessments (core product is the one-day individual Assessment), Coaching and Outplacements.

Furthermore, we have been active for many years – in CICB and CACB in particular within Swiss Assessment, Association of Management Consultants Switzerland (ASCO), Swiss Board Forum (Swiss Institute for Administrative Boards and Executive Board Members) and the Swiss Management Association (SMG) – and in PsYkids and proTalent in particular at ASEHP, Mensa (Switzerland) and ISPE.