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Team, Cooperations, Think Tanks (November 2003)

Welcome to further professionals joining the CICB-Team as company-partners resp. senior consultants: The core competences of Marlys Agbloe are coaching, E-Learning, dual career couples und assessment. She is a lawyer, founder of Agbloe Consulting in Zurich and she has experience as human resource manager during many years in several international companies. Mónica Reppas-Schmid was born in Bolivia; she is founder of the Swiss company Living Cultures; she is a teacher and holder of the masters degree in Intercultural Relations at Lesley University (USA). Her main professional tasks are preparing and coaching of families during stays abroad as well as training of teachers at international schools.

A remarkable expansion of contacts and project-related cooperation at many levels became possible through the membership of Thomas Baumer (founder of CICB) in the following organisations and think tanks: Ultranet Society (affiliated with Megafoundation); Olympiq, Helliq, Civiq and PARS Societies (affiliated with  WIN organisation); Prometheus Society, ISI-Society, Triple Nine Society, International Society for Philosophical Enquiry, Cerebrals Society, Poetic Genius Society, Mensa and Vinci Society. The main goal is to exchange experiences and to create ideas on an international, interdisciplinary and highly intellectual level, and to transform this complexity into simple, effective and motivating solutions.

The remaining updates for the second volume of the Handbook Intercultural Competence (german edition) are completed; the publishing date was set by the publishing house onto 15 march 2004.

The references in Newsletter 7 are constantly updated. A main actual task is the cooperation with the Swiss bank UBS in creating a concept for intercultural assessments and training.


The actual newsletter ends with a poem from Thomas Baumer:



It comes quietly,
with a warm wind
and a wonderful scent.

Life starts growing,
in the nature
and the heart of all beings.

Dreams rise again,
like an unfolding rose
and spreading wings.

Hope is developing,
based on experiences
and curiosity
and respect.