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Cooperations, Publication Handbook Intercultural Competence (February 2002)

The cooperation with perSens („the way to uniqueness”) led towards a very interesting project: the intensive seminar Uniqueness as Competitive Advantage in Intercultural Surroundings. (Further information and enrolment here). This comprehensive course offers - during 13 days (excl. project works) within 4 months - a detailed introduction and overview into the topics of interculturality and uniqueness, including all important theory as well as practical experience, with the aim to benefit from success-potential of both entrepreneurial as well as personal uniqueness in the global view. The shift to practical experience also takes place during a stay in Singapore. Guest-lecturer in the third module is Prof. Dr. Gerald Delilkhan, co-founder of the Swiss Management Forum St. Gallen. I share many common interests with him (we have known each other since my studies in economics 1994), and I am very happy about this result of our common goals and activities.

There is a regular exchange of interests and experiences with Cultural Diversity. A cooperation regarding several activities is planned, including the preparation and coaching of international assignments. This topic is also part of a cooperation with ASN Services for Expatriates.

Current topics are, as mentioned in the last newsletter, the publication of Handbuch Interkulturelle Kompetenz (Handbook Intercultural Competence - German edition, volume one, available in every book-store; online-orders here), the seminars (16 Mai and 14 November 2002) at the ETH Zurich (in German; informationen and enrolment here) as well as the the ‚Swiss Conference for Managers in Marketing and Sales’ in Interlaken (20 to 22 march 2002; description and enrolment here).

The regular  contribution resp. participation at meetings, conventions, seminars and communities of interest ensures an up-to-date overview as well as an inspiring cooperation with countless individuals, organisations and enterprises.