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Publications, marketing-activities (June 2001)

Starting one’s own company is an extremely interesting process: after having worked out the professional basis, now the main focus is on activities in marketing and public relations, i. e. to get the company known, to build and maintain networks as well as to work on all aspects of communication skills and tools.

A milestone was certainly the contract with Orell Füssli Publishers (one of the main publishers in Switzerland) concerning the publication of the ‚Handbook Intercultural Competence’ which got actualized and finalized by the end of June, in cooperation with the publisher. Here also, the time-frame had to be extended: it takes at least half a year (usually up to one year) until the book is available to readers, which means that it will finally be published by around the end of this year. If the sales develop as expected, the English translation is planned for 2003.

Visiting many people in companies, organisations and on a private basis, contacts by phone, letter and e-mail were a main task during the past months as well as a few courses and consulting activities so far. The aim is currently to get CICB well known within international companies and organisations situated in Switzerland, Germany and Austria, and to build a network on an international basis, which should prepare the market in the English-speaking world.