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Great Place to Work, Keynote Speaker, Member Swiss Assessment (December 2013)

The company Hekatron, where CICB Center of Intercultural Competence (resp., since 2010, CACB Center for Assessment and Coaching) regularly, since 2006, performs Assessments and Coachings (levels executive board, upper and middle management), has been awarded the third time, after 2009 and 2011, by Great Place to Work Institute Germany, as one of the 100 best employers within Germany. This distinction is handed over by the state secretary of the Federal Ministery of Work and Social Matters. Criteria are extensive surveys and interviews with the employees concerning central topics like confidence towards the management, leadership behavior, team play, esteem, professional training and development, options and support for continuing education, identification, work-life-balance and health. Furthermore, the human resources department including the chief HR officer are interviewed about concepts and actions within their responsibilities and management issues.

Thomas Baumer, founder and chairman of CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd. / CACB Center for Assessement and Coaching, is listed 2014 the fourth time in a row (since 2010) as keynote speaker at the speakers agency Speakers Excellence as well as member of Top 100 Excellent Trainers.

CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd. is a member of Swiss Assessment (formerly Research Group Assessment Center AKAC), the competence center for procedures at Assessment Centers in Switzerland. CICB and consequently as well CACB meet the requirements and standards of Swiss Assessment.

CICB Center of Intercultural Competence Ltd. is sponsor for the visit of the Dalai Lama in Fribourg / Switzerland in April 2013.