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Prognostic Assessment, Cooperation with Experts (April 2012)

A key focus during this year is the presentation of the Prognostic Assessment:

In addition to regular assessment methods – which usually focus onto abilities, interests and potentials, with or without reference to a requirement profile (at selection assessments) – the prognostic assessment offers a concrete and, within the subsequent quality control, verifiable conclusion concerning the personality development, the necessary requirements and conditions, the needed space of time as well as the limits and restrictions.

Essential aspects of the prognostic assessment have been developed by Thomas Baumer, during many years of research, with the experience and analysis of over 500 assessments. He coined the term “Prognostic Assessment” and described it in his book “Prognostic Assessment. Anticipating abilities and personal development” (in German language). In cooperation with experts within fields of research and application such as psychology, medicine, psychiatry, forensic psychology and psychiatry, and in different cultural surroundings, his studies lead to interdisciplinary perspectives and findings. Knowledge and application of professional instruments are essential, but also creativity, intuition and questioning approved methods. Thinking “out of the box”, “beyond one’s nose”, unconventional approaches, by keeping the overall view and the meta-level, are essential factors, however they constantly have to be consistent, comprehensible and explainable.


Further good news are the cooperation with Dr. Andreas Canziani. As coach and executive consultant he gains insight into chances, challenges and limits within the executive management of well-known enterprises; as psychiatrist and internationally active expert for addiction and stress diseases he knows chances, challenges and limits of a very personal nature. Important decisions have to be made not only when a problem shows up, but when a development appears or indications occur.

On the one hand early identification of chances and risks, and on the other hand efficient as well as fast and sustainable decisions and steps – within the executive management but also within the psyche and soul of human beings: this is close to personality diagnostics at prognostic assessments. The cooperation with Dr. Canziani concerns consulting and advisory service at assessments, coaching and courses, diverse projects and works, individually tailored assignments within diagnostic investigation at assessments, and consulting within highly complex and / or apparently unsolvable challenges of corporate or personal nature.