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Handbook Intercultural Competence (January 2001)

During the past months the main goal was finishing the ‚Handbook Intercultural Competence‘ in it’s original German version, improving the concepts for the main courses (half-day and full-day seminar), preparing lectures, articles and media-prestations and visiting professionals in Switzerland and abroad.

By the end of december 2000 the last corrections in the ‚Handbook Intercultural Competence’ are completed; at the moment it is in circulation at the publishers house and its publication is planned for mid 2001.

I received a very good feedback on the course-parts I have presented so far - like with many tasks, the time-factor plays an important role to build a flawless product! Depending on negotiations with interested clients I expect to hold the first main courses during mid 2001 in the German-speaking part of Switzerland; the English courses and lectures are planned for 2002/03 as well as the English edition of the ‚Handbook Intercultural Competence’.