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Congress, workshops, social manners and etiquette (June 2007)

A milestone during the past months was the participation at the  SIETAR congress (Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research) from 25 to 29 april 2007 in Sofia (Bulgaria). In total over 100 workshops, lectures, presentations, performances, movies, and 340 participants from numerous countries and all departments of intercultural competence enabled an intense and broad exchange of experiences as well as the opportunity to soldify existing contacts, to make new ones and to work on many international projects.

Knowing social manners and etiquette as well as using them correctly is essential, often crucial in relationships with peple from other countries and cultures. In cooperation with the well known specialist Carola Freifrau von Gleichenstein, CICB offers country-focused courses and individual coachings, where either a general introduction into these topics for the everyday life can be gained, or a specific and comprehensive preparation for negotiations with business partners or stays abroad. (Detailed description here).

The collaboration with SITE Foundation works on enhancing mutual understanding and comprehension not only between cultures in general, but especially between the systems education and the ones of industry and economics.

Beside of assessing and developing intercultural competence, it is important to recognize and shape up further abilities and potentials within human resources. Best synergies emerge when the needs are well defined (e. g. within an organization or company), and the abilities and interests (of the individual) are known and used. CICB founded the project From Potential to Ability and Motivation and works on interdisciplinary levels together with professionals from sciences as well as industry, in the domains psychology, sociology, medicine, psychiatry and economy, with the aim to analyze human potentials extensively, to develop them and to use them in a focus -oriented way, covering the needs of the environment or working place. This process can be performed either individually or in groups, and on demand of individuals or organizations. During this process also social and intercultural skills are further developed which improves both their communication and utilization, thus it facilitates a wide optimization and synergy of needs, abilities and motivation.

Realizing visions - positive and negative extremes. This is the title of two half day courses with the following subjects: work-life balance, emotional stability, realizing dreams. In extreme manners, how this is possible - in the very positive way - shows the professional skydiver Ueli Gegenschatz. And how this is possible - in the very negative way - shows the profiler and criminal psychologist Dr. Thomas Müller.